Automotive Insights

Data Driven Enterprise Solutions

Effectively collecting and managing data from dealer information systems is a complex task. TradeMotion provides a competitive advantage in serving automotive dealers and manufacturers in this area.

Our data services platform extracts, captures, and aggregates data on vehicle repairs specific to Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and attributes which include: parts replaced, YMM, mileage, customer demographics, vehicle location, and repair technician performance.

Dealer Applications

  • Determine vehicle part replacement trends
  • Demand forecasting for advanced inventory management
  • Visibility into duplicate repairs, weather or geographically influenced repairs, and labor productivity
  • Ability to measure percentage of dealer repair business vs Independent Repair Facilities
  • Receive insight to market share of OE parts vs aftermarket
  • Utilize depreciation reports based on VIN, mileage, and maintenance history to help influence new car purchases
  • Technician Performance Indicator – feature shows “actual” repair time, enabling the evaluation of in-house technician labor performance