Upgrade Your Parts Department

TradeMotion’s eCatalog provides up-to-date electronic catalogs of automotive parts and accessories. Our innovative platform gathers and processes information directly from the manufacturer, keeping an electronic, real-time catalog of products, parts, and accessories. By giving your parts department and retail customers automatic catalog updates, the inefficiencies created by changes to inventory, pricing, recalls, and new releases become obsolete.

Control Your Data and Content Distribution

TradeMotion recognizes the challenge for manufacturers to manage and distribute products, parts, and accessory information in an accurate and timely manner. eCatalog is the solution and its comprehensive data source is the key to giving you the edge over your competitors.

Our revolutionary software enables simultaneous usage for real-time collaboration. Administrative controls allow manufacturers to set user roles and permissions, create accounts, and establish internal/external visibility levels.

eCatalog also captures data on user activity. Utilize eCatalog’s time-stamped event tracking to review product changes or edits, while at the same time view real-time account activity to measure product performance against sales objectives.

Boost Performance, Get Results

eCatalog has proven to increase profits by streamlining the consumer’s ability to locate parts and accessories on their own. This in turn reduces overhead costs associated with catalog production and inbound service calls.