Merchant Services

When selling parts and accessories online, dealers often look to limit the transaction fees and maximize protection of consumer information. TradeMotion has several options to help dealers accomplish both.


Skipjack is a third-party payment gateway integrated within TradeMotion’s eOffice. It allows dealers to accept credit card payments within eOffice without having to log into an additional back-end account. The dealer never has to view customer credit card information. Rather, Skipjack receives customer credit card information, notifying dealers if credit card information passes a three-step verification process, or not. This adds an additional layer of security.


PayPal is a third-party payment gateway connected to TradeMotion’s eOffice. It is one of the most trusted payment gateways online, and allows dealers to accept electronic cash or credit card payments. With PayPal Pro, dealers are able to accept customer payments without the customer ever leaving a dealer’s eStore. PayPal offers a competitive price and is a trusted source.

Manual Charges

With manual charges, the customer credit card information is visible in eOffice and can be manually run at the dealer’s Parts Counter. This option has no cost, other than fees assessed by the payment gateway used at the dealer’s Parts Counter.

The right payment solution can provide dealers with a competitive edge, including:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Make for more efficient payment processes
  • Offer fast and cost-effective deployment
  • Provide on-going technical and customer service support