Simple and Seamless OEM Part Extended Warranties

Our revolutionary new approach to extended warranties is a true Point-of-Sale offering on OEM parts. PartProtection is not only available to participating franchise dealerships through wholesaler accounts, but also as a stand-alone product within the Service Drive, or as a value-added online option through eStore. It’s easier than ever to give your customers reassurance on part purchases through the added benefit of PartProtection.

PartProtection fills a niche market by offering a service unlike any other. Consumers get the most out of their parts purchases while dealers immediately increase their overall revenue.

Dealer Benefits

  • Provides additional peace-of-mind to customers needing repairs
  • Increases revenue and profits on sales that are already being made
  • No advertising dollars need to be spent
  • A powerful customer retention tool
  • Keeps aging vehicles coming back to the dealership instead of moving towards an independent repair facility
  • Claims are paid at the original price
  • No “warranty rate” or reduced part price
  • Each claim is essentially a new sale at full price

PartProtection is Available in Two Forms

  • 36 month* PartProtection Service: Parts and Labor coverage on jobs performed in the dealership’s service department
  • 36 month* PartProtection Part: Part-only coverage on parts sold over-the-counter through the dealership’s parts department or eStore

*From date of purchase (PartProtection’s warranty coverage begins when manufacturer’s warranty ends).

Company Information

PartProtection, LLC is a 50/50 partnership between C&K and TradeMotion, Inc. PartProtection policies are 100% insured by AmTrust Financial (NASDAQ: AFSI), rated ‘Excellent’ by A.M. Best (June 2011).