PRNewsWire – PartProtection, LLC – Feb. 4, 2013

PartProtection Launches First Ever Extended Coverage On OEM Individual Parts – Online And In Car Dealer Service Drives

RICHMOND, VA. – PartProtection, LLC will provide extended service coverage on OE parts sold through a dealership’s parts department, through Parts eStores, and on OE parts installed in a dealership’s service department. The plan is underwritten by insurance carriers rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best and administered by a leader in the extended service plan and vehicle service contract markets.

PartProtection’s principals include Chris Rand , who has worked within the vehicle service contract (VSC) industry since 1994, and Shawn Lucas , Founder and President of TradeMotion, LLC, which provides one of the most innovative eCommerce solutions in the automotive industry.

“Manufacturers, dealers and consumers will be thrilled with PartProtection’s easy to use, part specific, point-of-sale service contract. The technical hurdles were high, but the unique aptitudes of our partners made it possible. This product provides great value to consumers, adding significant peace of mind when repairing their vehicles. Dealers will appreciate the ease and flexibility of the program, along with the minimal training required,” said Mr. Rand, President of PartProtection.

“PartProtection adds a whole new dimension to the suite of products that TradeMotion can deliver to our base of manufacturers, dealers, installers and consumers, and offers easy expansion into other e-Commerce platforms,” said Shawn Lucas , CEO of PartProtection and President of TradeMotion LLC. “It seamlessly plugs into our e-Store and e-Office products, and makes it easy for both regular consumers and dealers to use. Over the past few months, we’ve received nothing but excited interest in this program from the dealers, dealer groups, and OE manufacturers to whom we’ve made presentations. We’re looking forward to the full rollout of PartProtection over the next few months,” concluded Mr. Lucas.

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